This is 2018

2017 is over and all of our hard work is finally materializing, which means 2018 will be a big year for us. In fact 2018 will be our first real year as a publishing company, because we will actually be publishing things.

What will we be publishing? One vicious little effort will be An Hour at the Meatfist Mixer by Rael Marak. The novella will get our feet wet, and mostly in blood. It’s an unkind little book to say the least, and we’re really excited about it. Expect it to crack you in the jaw before summer.

The big release of 2018, and the focus of our efforts this last year, is the launching of our Maxus Hunter franchise. We’ll be kicking off the series with a set of three stories bundled in a free edition aptly titled 3 Hunters. Who are the three hunters? They’re the members of Hunting Party One in our Maxus Hunter universe, and they’re the characters who are air-dropped into our first wicked story arc (title still classified). If you like monsters and a titch of the weird, you’re going to want to follow along.

Welcome to 2018, and stay scared!

The Team @LoneHouseHill